Tuesday, 10 February 2009


Waheyyyyyy not everyone thinks i'm a total fruitcake! :)

Well they might do, but some have given me an award so i must be doing something right!
I'm going to do them as one post, i've been a bit busy lately and haven't been able to do them as they've come in, so i apologise for that......feel free to slap me when you see me. :)
As i've fallen behind so much, i won't pass them on to all that i'm supposed to, otherwise i'll be here all week, so i would like to do a mass award giveaway to all the people who make up the great crafty world of blogland. It doesn't matter if you do not blog often, or you blog daily, whether yout think your work is amazing or you are just starting all adds to the same thing doesn't it?
So thank you to ArtyCrafts...
To Ellen...

To Nora...

I've also been tagged numerous times (by crafters, notthe police may i add) so i'll do one for the lot.....apparently i have to find the sixth folder and post the sixth photo...welli only have one folder with all my pics so heres the sixth one....well would you believe it!.....:)

Yes it's the little stamp thief getting a grilling from me whilst trying to find out the whereabouts of my Sugar Nellie that time. (Thats still debateable whether he was innocent or not.)
So there you go. Thank you so much again for all those who sent these awards, and once again apologies for letting them gather up.
I'm going to have a night in looking around the blogs tonight, hopefully i'll dee you all there!
Take care all,


Heather Bradley said...

Congratulations on your awards Calvin :0)
Great blog :0)
**Hugs** Heather x

♥ Lydia ♥ said...

Well done you on all your awards! ^.^

My craft space said...

Congratulations on your awards Calvin.
love Val xxxxx