Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Apologies for my absense.

Hi all :)

I just wanted to send my apologies for my absence from the blog over the past few days. I am up at Maddy's for the week, i only get up here about once a month, so time is precious as they say.......or should i say time is spent making cups of coffee!!! :)

She has been looking after me well though, I've had a copics lesson, we've had a lovely day shopping in Leeds, and tomorrow as you may have already read on her blog, we are off to a "Grease Night" for our craft clubs party.

So if all is quiet on the blog front, i haven't forgotten about you all, I'm having some quality time with Maddy.

By the way, i know it's "Fruity Thursday" tomorrow, so i will do my best to fullfil my fruitly duties......unless i have something else in mind? :)

Take care all, hope you are all having a great week. :)


iReneM said...

Hi Calv
It sounds as though you are having a good time visiting with Maddy.
I have been given the Butterfly award and think you are the perfect blogger to pass it on to.
Cool blog indeed :-)

Sarah C said...

I wouldn't worry about your alcohol inks this week. I'm sure we all understand. have fun at the Grease night xxx

Hels said...

Ah, wondered where you were Calv....hope you and Maddy havin a lovely time together...time is precious so enjoy it hun xx BTW, have you had any northern fish n chips yet? Go on, you know you want to!! Lotsa love to Maddy x

Just-Kim said...

Enjoy your time with Maddy! Go on and take the week off. Rejuvinate!

Jennie said...

Enjoy! xxx