Wednesday, 5 November 2008

I've been dared!!!

Over at Trines blog, she has been nice enough to dare me to reveal all!

Trine has dared me to reveal 7 truths about myself, and pass it on to 7 others. I actualy spent ages doing this last night, then as i went to publish it on my blog, i deleted it all instead!!! So to make it easier, i'm going to say the truths tonight, and then do the 7 others as a seperate post.

So then.....7 truths about me.....

1. I was once arrested at gunpoint by the German police whilst dressed as a lumberjack, carrying a log, a real chainsaw, a fake beard and chest wig drawn on with black permanent marker pen. A complete misunderstanding, the police....and the woman involved found it all quite amusing afterwards!

2. I have two tattoos. Both my feet have a black Celtic dragon going across them. I did it because my feet are my fave body part and they just had to be altered! :)

3. Dolls and toy clowns freak me out! They are evil and should be burned the moment they are taken out of thier boxes.....especialy the ones that move or talk. (I have hairs up on my arms as i type this.)

4. I talk in my sleep a fair bit. The other night, i cuddled my eldest down in bed and fell alseep before she did. I woke to the laughter of both the girls who said, "You've just asked for....two doughnuts, an iced bun and a nut-monkey!!!" What the hell is a nut-monkey?

5. I have broken over different 20 bones in my body. Haven't done an arm or leg yet though.

6. I love conspiracy theories and anything to do with the paranormal.

7. I've just eaten an 18 inch pizza......and don't feel well! :(

There you go.....ok i'll post this before i lose it all again, consider yourselves well educated now, and big thank you Trine for putting me through that! :)


Stamps meet INK! said...

well! that was interesting! :D

stubbled over here via Ann -vexedangel :)

Sarah C said...

That was an eye-opener LOL

Just as well that's all you said in your sleep :O

Getting arrested? Breaking bones? And as for the pizza - im not surprised you feel poorly. Sending some healing your way cos you're not having a good week so far are yuo?? Hmmm........ xxx

Rosette said...

My God you are amusing!!! You got me laughing out loud throughout all the post!!

Claire Mackaness said...

what a great little challenge. I love the Nut Monkey story!

patty w said...

Hmm... Quite an interesting fella ya are!

SP said...

LOL! quite a lot I could comment/agree to/with, but do not know if it would be nettiquette to do so (blush).

Between you, Maddy, Sticky fixers and CBC I am begining to feel more at home, normal!

Thnak you for the fun!
Susan x

Trine Blix said...


Calv - I bet you have people over at your house all the time?
And - I recon they are quite normal people that once in a while needs to go to the bathroom? (To put it in a nice way...)

Ok, listen:

I dare you to scrap these truths about yourself and put them on the wall as close to the toilet as possible.
Much more interesting to read than newspapers, shampoobottles and magazines from last year;)