Sunday, 23 November 2008

I got an award!

Karen over at Crafty Goings On has very kindly given me Kreativ Blogger award.

Thanks ever so much Karen, the only things i ever get awarded are bills!

Rules are, i have to pass this on to 5 bloggers, very difficult when there are so many blogs that i like, but here goes i choose the following.....

1. Jennie for her new blog Objet D'Art. Jennie has such a talent with so many different materials and i think it's great she is encouraging and passing this on to others by way of her new challenge blog.

2. My friend Val. I would like her to have this award as she not only makes me laugh, but has come on so much in her crafting over the last few months, trying different things and sharing other crafty skills like her parchment work. Also she makes the best cuppa.....but obviously that has nothing to do with this award. ;)

3. Daniel at Daniel's Hobby Blog. I think Daniel's work is stunning for a lad of such a young age, he really has that Norweigan excellence and attention to detail going on in his makes. Very inspirational and one to watch for the future i feel.

4. Bea at Katz and Stamps. A French crafter, her works is always gorgeous and theres always something different to look at. Her work with metal has me really wanting to try it someday. She uses lots of different materials in her makes and is skilled with all of them.

5. Trine over at Scrapping etc by Tigerlily. I love going to Trine's blog as theres always something great to look at and unusual too. The way she scraps bricks is fasniating, and her little scrapped L/O on a babys romper suit had me in stitches and amazed at the same time. Well deserved.

Now the rules are that you are supposed to pass these on to 5 other bloggers. I do know however that many people get so many awards that they either fall behind with them, or find it a struggle to pick 5 great bloggers from so many. Plus the ones i have chosen may have already been given one of i don't mind if you just accept the award and don't feel you have to pass it on if you have more than enough on your plate.

I just wanted to give you this award as it is very much deserved by you all. :)

Thank you once again Karen for my award......i was needing a bit of pink on my blog! :)


Princess Gizmo said...

Hi there :) Thanks for visiting my blog. Glad u like to watch anime ;) welcome to the anime world.. My first anime which is still my favourite is BLEACH. Well if you want a good laugh then I'll recommend you 'Kamen No Maid Guy'. It's really funny.Hope you'll be able to find this anime :D

Adrienne said...

Hey thanks for stopping by! :D I appreciate it very much :D! The coffee cup... lol. Its a 16 ouncer! :D hehe. :D

I hope you stop by more often.
And hey, if you're into scrapbooking much then you should totally stop by my challenge blog that just started. Its easy! Its going to be a sort of "About me" type of challenge blog! Well not me, me, but YOU. So... you would scrap about yourself! It will be great fun to see you around there!


Adrienne said...

oh, i meant to leave an address for ya... hah.

Jennie said...

aaw Thank you Calv for the award, I shall do my best to pass it on:)xx

My craft space said...

Oh Calv, i feel choked up what a lovely surprise, feeling a bit down today untill i looked on my blog and i am grining like a cheshire cat. Thankyou Calv and see you very soon.

luv Val xxxx

Tonniece said...

Congrats on the award Calv, you so much deserve it.

appy tuesday

Daniel Askeland said...


Always fun to recieve an award! ;P

Greetings from Daniel

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Thoroughly deserved it is too Calv ;)
Anne xx