Monday, 6 October 2008

I've gone pink!!!

Ok i know you will all say i've been living in a cave, but until now i have survived quite happily without a Bind-It-All.....until tonight!

I have treated myself to the new upgraded one, i'm not sure if the design team intentionally went out of thier way to forget that guys craft too, but when choosing the colour, they did a good job of making sure i will get beaten up in public if i'm caught carrying it!

Can't really complain though, when i see the gorgeous creations on sites such as Lea Sanders' blog, i know this will be an item that will pay for itself...and i'll soon forget about the colour!

Maddy's favourite saying at the moment is, "You are such a girl!" lol.

I'm now off to wrestle something and eat a huge steak! GRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!! :)))


Anonymous said...

Sorry, Calv! I really would've preferred a black one myself! =) I'm glad you've gone the way of BIA. It will really open up your crafting options!

Calv said...

I did see on the BIA site that they made a black one originaly, oh well, as Maddy says, i could always ink it. :)

Dylan said...

Hi u, forgot to tell you that I posted about you on my blog yesterday. Hope it sends lots of people your way! I luuurve my BIA. I brought mine home on my suitcase Jan 2007 and have used it nonstop ever since. I am not a gadget person but I would not be without this. Enjoy x

Ron said...

I have the blue one and it's great! but I would definitely get out the alcohol inks if I had the pink one!


Paul B said...

:) Pink is actually a man's colour - it comes from the red palette, a strong dominant colour normally associated with guys - which is why you see a lot more pink shirts and ties for gents haha

Enjoy your new BIA & as you say - you can always ink it :)


Calv said...

Funnily enough Paul, i have a few pink shirts and my girlfried has a theory that i purposely bought the pink one as it's secret "thing" of mine lol. Plus we were just talking about the cold and i said that a lot of soldiers used to wear tights under thier combat trousers to keep warm.

That was my excuse anyway! ;)

Nic said...

Love it Calv! if you check my gallery at Fiskateers you will see a Layout called "real men wear pink" which you might appreciate. ~ Nic #1033

patty w said...'s just a color !

I'm sure you will enjoy it immensely ! I don't have one yet, so will look forward to your tales of it!

Thanks for the chuckle!

Calv said...

Thanks Nic, i'll go take a look....and Patti, i know what you mean, but a mini-skirt is just an item of clothing but you won't find me wearing one lol! :)

I'm sure i'll get used to it. Thanks for stopping by. :)

Deb's said...

Hey Calv, i have a boring blue one, i'd love pink, u wanna swap !!!
Deb x