Wednesday, 15 October 2008

My new PINK Bind-It-All is here!

As you know, i ordered a Bind-It-All the other day, and i had a little bit on a man-moan about the colour as it's girly pink.......well today it arrived! Don't get me wrong, i actually like the colour pink, i just don't get why they have to make everything as though they think i play with Barbies 24/7! (Personally i'm a Bratz man....but that's another issue) :)

Firstly, it went to my local parcel office, so i popped in to collect it. The guys behind the desk were most amused at the name on the front of the parcel that said.....

The plot thickens......i then opened the parcel up at home and was greeted with says "Hey Calvin, Only real men "do pink!".....
I have to hand it to David and Brenda at Craft Obsessions, they have a great sense of humour and it's nice that even took the time to entertain the idea of adding some fun into this. I like that in a shop, adds a personal touch to it.
So a big thank you to them both, and a thank you to Maddy for being childish enough to phone up to arrange this in the first place! :)
Plus i have a few nice pink fibres to play with too as an added bonus! Maddy says that they always add some fibres which i think is another great touch. They are really nice ones too
I have some BIA wires coming tomorrow, so i'm looking forward to creating something in the next few days.


Rachel said...

Glad it has arrived Calv - we had been waiting ...... LOL

I'm a girl & have a blue BIA - what id the difference in them? Can't just be the colour?

Calv said...

Hi Rach, the new pink one has some updated features apparently, can cut thicker materials and a few other things.

David said...

Hi Calvin! It was a pleasure to be part of the "conspiracy" - there's far too much bad stuff going on in the world not to take a moment each day to help make someone smile! Have fun with your new BIA :)

Calv said...

Thank you for stopping by David, and you are so right, far to much going on for us not to have a laught once in a while. :)

Karen said...

Oh this did make me laugh! ROFL
Enjoy your PINK Bind-it-all ;)

Sarah C said...

Hi ya, I'm one of Maddies friends from the Charmed forum and just had to come and take a peak.

You are one very talented crafter. I love yours and Maddie's senses of humour. And yep only real men "do pink"!!! LOL Have fun playing x

Mind if I add you to my blog roll please?

Calv said...

Thanks Karen...will do! :)

Hi Sarah, i'd love to be on your blog roll. :) Thanks for stopping by.

Tami Bayer said...

I got a blue BIA. I think yours is much better!

Jennie said...

LOL! and hays off to Craft Obsessions for playing the game!

Cazzy said...

Hi Calv do you definitely get the pink one for the £41.95 offer price?

Calv said...

Hi Cazzy, no i think that price is just for the blue one, if you click on the link for Craft Obsessions, it says the pink one is £51 and it's available from 30/10, they must have sold out.

Cazzy said...

Thanks Calv, it was wishful thinking. The blue one is on sale all over because of the pink one I guess. Saw it for £39 somewhere, you had to spend £40 to get free postage which would be easy enough!

Sue said...

Oh I want one of these!I have been waiting for the new updated pink one!...wish it were black tho!