Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Great idea...from a male crafter!!!

Oh yes ladies.....we have good ideas too sometimes!

I have to give a big shout out to Richard Freeman, a fellow male crafter and a very funny guy whose blog i recently stumbled upon. Here is Richards blog "Big Hairy Crafter".

He is on a mission to list as many craft and fabric shops in London as posible, he has started with a few already, but he does ask for suggestions on his site so i think it would be great if any one who knows of a London craft or fabric shop could leave Richard a suggestion in his comments.

How cool would that be if everywhere you went, either on holiday or just for the day, you had a huge list of craft shops to go to?

Richard also seems to be on a mission to make a teepee, a handmade one. This reminds me so much of myself, trekking through the forest, and dragging half of it back to make dens for my kids!

So a big thank you to Richard and his blog, if i'm having a rubbish day, i only have to go and look at his header logo to have a laugh! :)


Michelle said...

that "is" a good idea!kinda like when I was preggo years ago..we made a resteraunt binder with sheet protectors to put in various menu's and coupons. so I could call ahead to order or we could decided where we wanted to go out to eat by looking at the menu at home. we even had a section for places away from home.

Richard Freeman said...

LOL! Thanks for that Calv, that header took me ages...first of all had to actually remember what y-fronts looked like and then went for a sort of coat of arms look. Anyway, thanks again for the tip! Yours, Richard