Thursday, 4 September 2008

Slight adjustment made to the 12 week body plan.

Ok, not to worry, i have hit a few snags with my plan to transform my body in 12 weeks.

The past week has gone kind of ok, however i will never achieve my goal if i stick to what i have been doing......thats crafting all night instead of getting much needed sleep!

I think i've been so much in crafty mode recently, everything else has gone out of the window. Not good. I have been good with my food shopping, but once home i have been eating around my crafting and thats been kind of hit and miss.

I missed a workout last night due to the inked pineapple excitement, and i have a couple of other excuses that i could use, but i won't.

So..............i've amended the clock back a week again, so i am starting again from tomorrow. Thats ideal actualy because the end day is when i'm suposed to go to a dance with my girlfriend, so i HAVE to get this sorted by then otherwise there will be a fat Calv Travolta on the danceflooor!

My new rules are that i am not allowed to come on the computer or do any crafting unless i've eaten properly and regularly during the day, and unless i've done my workout.

No crafting as a thats torture! Round i come!

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