Friday, 5 September 2008

Just found a great blog......

I've just been introduced to a great blog, A Crafty Life. A fellow male crafter (but a million times better!), Dan is one of the creative designers at The Artistic Stamper.

I've just watched a recent video tutorial that he did, in which he shows how to blend the Ranger Distress Ink pads. Dan created a tag, making it look so easy yet so professional.

This tutorial was like a gift to me as i really wanted to improve my blending technique, which before this video was pretty much non-existent, unless you count spilling blending soloution over my work!

The video tutorial is here over at Dan's blog.

So this morning has gone well despite losing a bank card and it pouring from the heavens.

I've had a chat and a purchase with the lovely Jennie at The Artstic Stamper (got me some new colours in the Tim Holtz Distress Ink pads), and then my girlfriend tells me about Dan's Maddy is sending me a craft stash parcel (they are the best ever!).

Does it get better than this? I think not. As someone once said, "Throw in a fat guy and tree and you've got christmas!!!" :)

Have a great day all.


Lil' ol' me said...

Hi just found your blog, its great. Wondered if you wanted to come and build me some storage things!! It must be great to have a fellow crafter as a partner. My husband just doesn't understand my addiction!

Calv said...

If you saw the mess i make whilst making the storage, you'd soon send me packing again lol!

Theres pro's and con's to having a crafty partner. There is never a non-crafter in the family to stop/advise you against spending on crafty goodies......that gets pricey at times!

As far as i'm concerned, if Maddy NEEDS stash, i feel her need too...and vice versa! :)

Andrea said...

Dan is a great crafter as you say, his tutorial outshines Sir Tim if you want my opinion, i wish you all the best with your blending you will get messy and have great fun x