Monday, 25 August 2008

Got a new light tent for my pics.

Hi all :)

I thought that as long as i'm producing crafty things to show, i may as well learn how to take decent piccies. So today i got a light tent. £9.99 from the electronics store Maplins here in the UK. Thanks to Correna for that tip.

There seem to be numerous tutorials on the net showing how to make cheap versions of the real thing, well worth a look at, but for under a tenner, i get a portable foldaway tent in a carry case which i don't have to make!
So the tent itself. Here it is on the shops website.

I think i am right in saying you have to turn it upside down, you then get the nice background cloth curving down too.

You need a couple of lights either side for lighting, desk lamps should be fine for this. I bought a couple of cheap ones from Tesco, two for £6 and they only have ordinary bulbs in at the moment. Tomorrow i'll get some daylight bulbs.

I would like to add i have not got a clue about lighting for pics, light positioning, camera tricks and all that, so this is very much a learning curve. Apologies if any of this info is incorrect, i'm just saying it as i am trying it here.

So my first practice pics, heres a couple and the first difference, or improvement should i say, is in the background. Seemless rather than everything in my house getting in the shot!

I have to have a play with everything in order to get it right, but i'm pleased with the little improvement so far. The colour is not as true on these pics as in real life, so i've done something wrong already, but small steps and all that.

Time to go look at some photography sites methinks!

Had a little play again and i think i've set it up ok now....

Still need to wait for better light bulbs. I'll get back to you!

Edited : Just got my daylight bulbs, so i now have one either side, and a halogen lamp overhead.

Heres a couple of pics.....

Not too sure,.....i have a lot to learn about photography by the looks of things!


greyparrot said...

I've been farting about with mine this evening, and something isn't right compared with the pic on the packaging. It's almost as if the back white wall needs to be somewhere else if that makes sense. But you can only put it together one way. I might go in and ask them in the shop!

Calv said...

I know what you mean Correna, i might do the same with mine.

Sarah said...

Calv, I have this light tent but it is driving me mad. Have you used a white cloth? I have the tent set up so the grey/blue cloth is flowing on the floor and the white sides are on the side and one at the top.
I really appreciate some help. Thanks!

Calv said...

Hi Sarah, it can be real confusing at first, it took me ages to set the flippin thing up the right way in the end.

If you pm me at Carolyns, i'll show you a piccy of the way i have mine set up now.